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Adjustable Frequency EquipmentTesting electronic or electrical products can be more complex than simply operating them from a nominal fixed voltage and frequency. Many products are required to continue to normal operation from electrical power that does not have voltage and/or frequency closely regulated to fixed nominal values. Frequency converters with fixed output frequency such as Motor-Generators are generally capable of providing a limited amount of output voltage adjustment by the user. However, if testing specifications require the product be tested over a wide-range of input voltage and/or frequency, then an electronic based Adjustable Frequency Converter is needed. The typical output frequency adjustment range is 45HZ to 499.9HZ, in addition to wide-range output voltage range of 0-300V single phase, and 0-519V three phase.

Adjustable frequency converters are similar to Programmable AC Sources, except they offer manual voltage and frequency output adjustment controls only. Adjustable Frequency converters are most popular with research & development departments, testing laboratories, and test engineers.

Benefits & Features of AP&C Rental Adjustable Frequency Converters

We optimize our rental Adjustable Frequency Converters for rental use providing our rental customers with many built-in benefits, enabling us to retain rental customers year after year. These benefits include:

  • Quick & easy installation by design. Each adjustable rental frequency converter is configured to help minimize the installers’ time. Only connection of input and output cables to clearly marked and easily accessed terminals is necessary.¬† Every frequency converter is furnished with an abbreviated Installation & User Guide sheet that helps to eliminate wasted time reading through equipment Owners & Users manuals.

  • Rigorously maintained & fully load tested equipment provides our rental customers with peace of mind, and assurance of equipment reliability. We refurbish our rental variable frequency converters on an on-going basis.

  • Precisely regulated output frequency operation, guaranteeing exacting output frequency. This helps to insure accurate test results of the UUT or that your load equipment is operating properly as designed. Variable frequency converters typically offer 45HZ to 499.9HZ output frequency adjustment range, and are available with single phase or three phase power configurations.

  • Precise output voltage regulation of +/-1% or better This helps to insure accurate test results of the UUT or that your load equipment is operating properly as designed. In addition, output voltage is continuously adjustable over a very wide range.

  • The built-in output circuit breaker helps to electrically protect the variable frequency converter output circuit, and power wiring to the load. The circuit breaker also provides a method to manually disconnect the output power to your connected load without the need to shutdown the adjustable frequency converter. Installation is simplified, so there is no need for the installer to supply and install and external circuit breaker.

  • All input & output connection terminals are clearly marked for easy, quick installation. The installer needs only to connect input cables from the utility power source, and the output cables from the variable frequency converter output terminals to the connected load.

  • Simple / Intuitive Operator Controls enable the user to quickly put the variable frequency converter into service without the need to study a complicated operators manual.

  • Output metering allows the equipment operator to monitor the variable frequency converter output voltage and current. Metering is provided on most of our rental variable frequency converters.

  • A Specially Designed Heavy-duty shipping pallet is provided for each rental frequency converter. The heavy-duty pallet is specially designed for easy movement the frequency converter into place by forklift or pallet jack. Nearly all of our rental customers leave the frequency converter bolted to the pallet during the rental period use.

Place Your Rental Order Now!

There is a minimum amount of technical information needed in order to make an informed decision on the type and rating of the rental frequency converter needed. We make it easy to order (NO FORMS TO FILL-IN) by providing 2 different methods to order.

    • ORDER BY TELEPHONE. Most of our rental customers prefer to call our experienced application engineers at 714-540-9010, requesting assistance. We work together with you discovering the needed technical data.


  • ORDER BY EMAIL. Contact Us by email with your general request, and our application engineer will contact you as soon as possible to assist you with the rental frequency converter selection process.

Use our informational links below if you choose to make a review of the needed technical data before contacting us.

Technical Specifications will help to familiarize you with the electrical characteristics of your UUT or load, Electronic Based and Motor-Generator Based frequency converters.

Selection Check List  provides a step-by-step method to uncover the primary technical data needed for frequency converter selection.

Electrical Output Configuration Diagram offers single phase and three phase electrical configuration diagrams to help you determine the configuration that meets the needs of your application.

FC Output Amps Charts can be used to determine the variable frequency converter output KVA, KW, or current needed for your UUT or connected load. Single phase and three phase charts are provided.

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  • Testimonials


    “A professional company with excellent customer service.” Advanced Power & Controls was selected as the only local provider for frequency conversion equipment to meet our unique international power requirements during testing here in the US. Their reliable delivery of key hardware and consultation on setting up our power system enabled Raytheon to demonstrate our program requirements to our customer and complete testing on schedule.
    Beginning with the initial design of a solution for our needs through delivery and setup, their professional staff provided excellent customer support and were extremely knowledgeable in their field. I would consider Advanced Power & Controls a preferred partner for any future needs.”

    Jim M. – Raytheon Systems.

    “APC was selected for the supply of rotary converters for the Americas Cup 2013 events after having great success with APC on the Americas Cup World Series in 2012. I would recommend APC as they provide the right product for us ON time ALL the time!”

    John B. – Americas Cup 2013.

    “The power converter we rented from Advanced Power and Controls was perfect for testing our equipment being shipped to Australia. Gary was extremely helpful in determining the exact equipment needed for our requirements. The entire rental process was quick and easy, and allowed us to get our equipment tested and shipped overseas on time.”

    Christine B. – Inside Sales Manager, Becca Inc.

    “We used APC for the rental of a 400 hz generator for one of our projects. We had a quick delivery requirement and they responded quickly and the generator was delivered on time and packaged well. During the rental, we had an operator issue that was resolved promptly with a conference call and the issue was resolved. APC have been very professional and responsive.”

    Kevin M. – Engineering, CPI Satcom Division.