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Power For The PlanetĀ®

AP&C has a wide selection of rental Motor-Generator and electronic based (static) frequency converters providing single phase or three-phase sine wave output.

Our rental frequency converter products can be found producing Power For The PlanetĀ® in many sectors including Energy, Aerospace, Defense, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Communications, Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Entertainment / Media, Technology, Industrial and Automotive.

Application – Where Used

Frequency converters are a form of AC Power Source or AC Power Supply and are utilized to convert the utility AC power source available in your facility to a different frequency, such as 50 Hertz (Hz), 400 Hertz (Hz) or Adjustable Frequency. Frequency converters provide a smooth output sine wave and regulated voltage. Unlike transformers frequency converters are able to convert frequency as well as voltage to the parameters needed.

Frequency converters (also known as Frequency Changers), are sometimes confused with terms such as Variable Speed Drives, Adjustable Speed Drives, Variable Frequency Drives which are designed specifically to control the speed of an AC motor. These drives are referred by some as “Frequency Converters”, and provide an output that is not a voltage sine wave but rather pulses which are not suitable to provide power to equipment other than an ac motor.

Converter Technology

Converting voltage and frequency can be accomplished by electro-mechanical or electronic (static) means. Using electro-mechanical means, the Motor-Generator (MG set) is made-up of an ac motor that operates directly from the 60 Hertz utility power line and a generator with its shaft coupled to the driving motor. The generator produces the new frequency and voltage levels. read more

Electronic or Static frequency converters make the conversion of the 60 Hertz utility power line using rectification changing the AC utility power line to a Direct Current voltage level, then using this DC level with semiconductor switching technology to make the new frequency and voltage levels. read more

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    Advance Power & Controls offers you flexibility and value with multiple rental plan options. Whether you're needs include finding the best short term rental program or a longer-term leasing option, we'll supply you with the best quality equipment along with our expert advice on the proper equipment and how to use it.

    Our rental programs include the following options:

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  • Testimonials


    “A professional company with excellent customer service.” Advanced Power & Controls was selected as the only local provider for frequency conversion equipment to meet our unique international power requirements during testing here in the US. Their reliable delivery of key hardware and consultation on setting up our power system enabled Raytheon to demonstrate our program requirements to our customer and complete testing on schedule.
    Beginning with the initial design of a solution for our needs through delivery and setup, their professional staff provided excellent customer support and were extremely knowledgeable in their field. I would consider Advanced Power & Controls a preferred partner for any future needs.”

    Jim M. – Raytheon Systems.

    “APC was selected for the supply of rotary converters for the Americas Cup 2013 events after having great success with APC on the Americas Cup World Series in 2012. I would recommend APC as they provide the right product for us ON time ALL the time!”

    John B. – Americas Cup 2013.

    “The power converter we rented from Advanced Power and Controls was perfect for testing our equipment being shipped to Australia. Gary was extremely helpful in determining the exact equipment needed for our requirements. The entire rental process was quick and easy, and allowed us to get our equipment tested and shipped overseas on time.”

    Christine B. – Inside Sales Manager, Becca Inc.

    “We used APC for the rental of a 400 hz generator for one of our projects. We had a quick delivery requirement and they responded quickly and the generator was delivered on time and packaged well. During the rental, we had an operator issue that was resolved promptly with a conference call and the issue was resolved. APC have been very professional and responsive.”

    Kevin M. – Engineering, CPI Satcom Division.