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Remanufacturing Process

AP&C’s history of industrial roots, experienced technical staff, and our attention to details provide our customers peace of mind when purchasing an AP&C remanufactured Motor-Generator. Every AP&C remanufactured Frequency Converter undergoes the thorough remanufacturing process shown below, and is rigorously tested to insure it meets rating specifications.

Preliminary Review (your existing Motor-Generator): AP&C engineers will make a review of your existing Motor-Generator, using photos you provide of the inside and outside, and by asking you specific questions to help determine the general condition of the equipment. We’ll determine if your existing Motor-Generator is a good candidate for our remanufacturing process, refurbishment or repair. In some cases, AP&C can offer a trade-in value for your motor-generator that can be used towards the purchase of any frequency converter from AP&C.

Incoming System Inspection: Each unit is subjected to a thorough physical and visual inspection.

Incoming System Test: Electrical and mechanical diagnostic, functional & load tests are performed.

Disassemble / Test: The Unit is disassembled and further tests are performed as necessary.

Components: All components are removed, cleaned, tested and inventoried. Any components found to be outside acceptable limits during testing are repaired or replaced. Existing control-wiring harnesses are replaced with all-new electrical control circuits.

Windings: All electrical power windings are tested, cleaned and spray reinsulated. Faulty power windings are replaced.

Surfaces All metal surfaces are cleaned, treated for corrosion, straightened, primed and painted.

Bearings: All bearings are replaced with high quality bearings.

Drive Belts: All drive belts are replaced.

Upgrades: The unit is checked & upgrades installed as needed or as requested by the Customer. These upgrades may include any electrical or mechanical feature that affects operation functionality or safety.

Outgoing Test: Quality Assurance checks, calibration, functional and load testing are performed to insure specifications are met. Load test results are recorded. The unit is detailed, including any labeling required.

Packaging: The completed unit is plastic wrapped and fastened to a custom heavy-duty pallet.

MG Set Disassembled During Remanufacturing Process
MG Set Disassembled During Remanufacturing Process
Remanufactured Synchronous Motor Rotor
Remanufactured Synchronous Motor Rotor
Synchronous Motor-Generator  Rotor  During Remanufacturing
Synchronous Motor-Generator Rotor During Remanufacturing
Remanufactured Synchronous Motor  & Generator Components
Remanufactured Synchronous Motor & Generator Components

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    Advance Power & Controls offers you flexibility and value with multiple rental plan options. Whether you're needs include finding the best short term rental program or a longer-term leasing option, we'll supply you with the best quality equipment along with our expert advice on the proper equipment and how to use it.

    Our rental programs include the following options:

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  • Testimonials


    “A professional company with excellent customer service.” Advanced Power & Controls was selected as the only local provider for frequency conversion equipment to meet our unique international power requirements during testing here in the US. Their reliable delivery of key hardware and consultation on setting up our power system enabled Raytheon to demonstrate our program requirements to our customer and complete testing on schedule.
    Beginning with the initial design of a solution for our needs through delivery and setup, their professional staff provided excellent customer support and were extremely knowledgeable in their field. I would consider Advanced Power & Controls a preferred partner for any future needs.”

    Jim M. – Raytheon Systems.

    “APC was selected for the supply of rotary converters for the Americas Cup 2013 events after having great success with APC on the Americas Cup World Series in 2012. I would recommend APC as they provide the right product for us ON time ALL the time!”

    John B. – Americas Cup 2013.

    “The power converter we rented from Advanced Power and Controls was perfect for testing our equipment being shipped to Australia. Gary was extremely helpful in determining the exact equipment needed for our requirements. The entire rental process was quick and easy, and allowed us to get our equipment tested and shipped overseas on time.”

    Christine B. – Inside Sales Manager, Becca Inc.

    “We used APC for the rental of a 400 hz generator for one of our projects. We had a quick delivery requirement and they responded quickly and the generator was delivered on time and packaged well. During the rental, we had an operator issue that was resolved promptly with a conference call and the issue was resolved. APC have been very professional and responsive.”

    Kevin M. – Engineering, CPI Satcom Division.